Lough Barnes Consulting Group is qualified as a Vendor of Record for management consulting (VOR OSS 00195472) with the Ontario government and with Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres.  We also have a Standing Offer Agreement for Professional Services and Support with the Department of Family Services in Nunavut.  In our previous firms, we have each been serving public sector clients in human services for many years by assembling teams of experienced Associates with the specific knowledge, skills and experience for the assignment. We will continue to do that but will now have greater in-house capacity and new partnerships.


 Literature Review

 Jurisdictional Research

 Best Practice Research

 Environmental Scan

 Policy Analysis

 Program Evaluations

Performance Improvement

 Governance and Accountability

 Organizational Design

 Organizational Review

 Balanced Scorecard

 Business Process Improvement


  IT Audit and Assessment

  IT Strategic Planning

  Knowledge Management

  Risk Management

Project Management

  Project and Program Management Services

  PMO Setup, Management and Audit

  Project Management Training


  Governance Reviews

  Performance and Effectiveness

  Strategic Planning for Results



  Strategic Planning

  Business Planning


 Stakeholder Consultation

 Organizational Culture

 Change Management

 Executive Recruitment

 Leadership Development

 Human Resources

 Organizational Health